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Argosy Business Solutions can tackle a wide variety of administrative tasks to keep your business humming along.  In fact, it's almost easier to let you know what we DON'T do!


We don't answer live 'phone calls and we don't make cold calls - nobody likes those, it's a waste of our time and your money!


If you're starting to think of areas of need to be included in your administrative support package, here are a few ideas t0 get you started:


1.   Admin Support

2.   Article Marketing

3.   Billing

4.   Blog maintenance

5.   Brainstorming

6.   Chasing payments

7.   Copywriting

8.   CRM Management

9.   Data Entry

10.  Database Maintenance

11.  Editing

12.  Email Management

13.  Event Co-ordination

14.  Faxings

15.  File Transfer

16.  Graphic Design

17.  HR Support

18.  Internet Research

19.  Mail Merge

20.  Marketing Services

21.  Newsletter Management

22.  Notary Services

23.  Paying Bills

24.  Powerpoint Presentations

25.  Press Release Submission

26.  Printing

27.  Project Management

28.  Proofreading

29.  Reminders

30.  Scheduling

31.  Secretarial Services

32.  Social Media Management

33.  Spreadsheets

34.  Telephone calls

35.  Travel Arrangements

36.  Typing

37.  Voicemail Support

38.  Website Creation/Maintenance


Never underestimate the power of item 5 – Brainstorming.  One area many of my clients really enjoy is the ‘talk time’ we have where we discuss relevant matters and ‘brainstorm’ the upcoming week’s events/tasks.  You don’t have to do this ‘business thing’ alone - it’s nice to have someone on your team!

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