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Here's a few words from some of our satisfied clients:

“Gaynor has made a bigger impact on my business, and on my peace-of-mind and stress, than I ever imagined. Before I contracted with Gaynor to help me with scheduling, contracts, and invoicing, I couldn’t envision how, as a small business owner, I could have someone else do those tasks. She has worked with me to make it an efficient process. Gaynor has partnered with me to solve many of the classic problems that nag small business owners, from balancing work and personal time to keeping my website current!  Not only have I gained time back to focus on marketing and client work, but my relationship with clients has improved. Because Gaynor has great communication skills and also has taken the time to understand my business, I get compliments every month from my clients who appreciate and enjoy interacting with her.”  - Julie Dudley, Silver Pearl Bookkeeping


“I first contracted with Gaynor on the advice of an efficiency expert who could see that too much of my time was being taken up by administrative tasks.  As we worked together, Gaynor and her team came to understand my business and I have been able to outsource more intricate tasks with confidence.  I love the way I can just ‘throw things over the fence’ and know that (a) it will be done without my having to follow up and (b) the quality of work will be at least as well as if I had done it myself.  I would strongly recommend Gaynor and her team for your administrative support needs.”  - Mary Cantando, The Woman’s Advantage


“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Gaynor Fries for over two years now.  During this time, she has provided a variety of assistance to our nonprofit organization in helping senior dogs nationwide.  Personally, I can tell you she is organized, efficient and has an excellent rapport with all kinds of people.  Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent.  She is intelligent, competent and always quick to help whenever asked. I feel confident in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and dedication.  In summary, I highly recommend Gaynor Fries and her business to anyone.  She will be a valuable asset for any business or organization.” - Jennifer Kachnic, The Grey Muzzle Organization


“Being a small business owner has no shortage of challenges, and finding someone to help solve problems competently, quickly, and affordably is at the top of the list.  Gaynor Fries is one of those rare individuals who deliver superior performance and value “right out of the gate”.  I am able to hand off work to her and her team with minimal instruction and oversight, and never have to follow-up or micro-manage what they are doing or when they will be finished.  Best of all, Gaynor and her team consistently perform beyond my expectations. She has the insight to understand what the business need is behind what they are doing, and the talents to deliver results that go beyond what I thought I needed.  Gaynor and her team are friendly, responsive, and a joy to work with. I always know that their work will be completed at high standards, allowing me the peace of mind to focus on revenue generation. I highly recommend her services at every opportunity I get.”  - Jeff Wiblitzhouser, Paradise Found Construction


“Let me start with the obvious. Gaynor Fries helps me maintain my sanity as I continue to grow my business.  Gaynor work with me on my website (an ongoing work in progress). She also developed and manages my blog site. Gaynor has imagination, perspective, knowledge, and expertise that I can count on.  Gaynor gently but consistently urges me to hand over things she can do so I can concentrate on what I do best.  She has a sense of fairness, a sense of humor and a sense of how best to portray the unique requirements my company offers. Once Gaynor and I talk about a project to work on I stop worrying because I know she’s got my back.  I would recommend Gaynor, and do, to anybody I know who is in search of a virtual assistant. They don’t come better than Gaynor and her team.  Thank you Gaynor for who you are and who you will be in the future.”  - Karen Allen, Phoenix Resource Management


“We have been working with Gaynor and her team to help with our social media presence (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc).  Gaynor and her team have been great in researching content and taking the burden of timely postings off our plate. We have found that a majority of new customers (outside of the awesome old fashioned referral) are coming from these mediums and wanted to stay out in front of this wave without getting bogged down in the daily tasks of doing this. We highly recommend their company.”  - Scott Dewey, CPA


“It occurs to me that I have enjoyed working with you over this last however long and without your excellent assistance I’m not sure I could churn out all this paperwork in an expeditious, satisfactory manner.  In any event, I just thought it’s time to say thank you.”  - Stan Sanoff


“I worked with Gaynor for over 8 months and found her services extremely valuable. She has a work ethic and quality unmatched by anyone I’ve ever come in contact with and is amazingly responsive. Her help was terrific all around and I feel strongly I’d be doing a disservice to people by not letting them know of her skills, professionalism and fun attitude toward work. Gaynor was a pleasure to work with from start to finish and I hope we get the opportunity to work together again. Gaynor, you’re great!”  - Debra Bradley


“Gaynor provides executive level proficiency at virtual admin cost. I could not be more pleased with the results. Gaynor and her team helps take the burden off myself and my office staff by assisting with calendar and scheduling management. She also keeps me on track with the annual financial reviews that come due for my clientele. Gaynor is a great resource for anything web or social media related. If you are bogged down with running your small business I highly recommend speaking with her ASAP!”  - Nick Putnam, First Command


“Gaynor, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed working with your company. Everything I sent your way was done quickly and correctly with minimal direction and oversight. It was a very easy and cost effective solution for us. Thanks for the great work. I hope to use your services again soon.”  - Bridgett Hurley, Eli Global


“Gaynor is very easy to get along with and brings a fun approach to her work. I have found she has great attention to detail, is extremely conscientious and trustworthy and is able to turn around tasks in a short space of time. She has helped me with many aspects of my business – including helping organize my workshops, my business communications, blogs, e-blasts, client contact, calendar management, etc. If you are looking to outsource your admin, I highly recommend Gaynor.”  - Cynthia White, Cynthia White & Associates


“Gaynor served us for close to a year. Her work was impeccable and time worthy. But most important is her contribution of ideas to business growth and efficiency. Our numbers showed a significant increase since she was hired. We are on a regular monthly plan and consider it to be a great investment. I recommend her professional support to my personal contacts. Those who hire her are thrilled.”   - Marc Larin

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