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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Administrative Support?

Small and medium-sized business owners often soon find they need help with administrative tasks so they can focus on doing what they do best.

After all, running a business means managing sales, marketing, finances, scheduling, and doing the actual work of the service you offer. Still, hiring support services can seem scary, especially if you’re growing and you’re unsure about handing over tasks. Many small business owners also worry about cost.

The Cost to Hire Support Services

Administrative support costs vary based on geography — you’ll pay more in Los Angeles than Raleigh, for example — and the services you need. Some support service providers charge by the hour, with a range from $25 to $75 in many locations. Others charge on a sliding scale based on the type of task. At Argosy Business Solutions, we prefer to become a trusted partner; we work on a retainer based on the amount of service you need each month.

The Argosy Process

Hiring someone to help with tasks may feel overwhelming. We start with a consultation during which we speak about your needs and the type of services you feel would help your business. After that, we’ll send you a proposal. If it’s acceptable, we both sign a Services Agreement and get started. Soon, you’ll have more time to focus on expanding your business instead of posting social media updates or worrying about your overflowing inbox.

Choosing the Right Administrative Support

While cost is a factor when selecting administrative support, there are other aspects you should consider. For example, trust is critical. Administrators may coordinate your emails, your daily schedule, invoicing/payments, your voicemail, and more. Watch for these three factors when choosing your administrative team:

  • Comfort - Do you feel comfortable with the team or person you are considering?

  • Skill Set - Some support teams work with specific industries or focus on a particular skill set. Choose someone who matches your needs. For example, you may need someone with excellent customer service to handle phone calls, or you may prefer someone who loves to manage data entry.

  • Experience - Newer administrative support teams may have a lot to learn about helping a small business owner. While anyone with whom you work will need some time to learn about your business, he/she should have experience with the assigned tasks.

Questions about hiring help for your business? Contact us for a free consultation.

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